Sea fishes 

Canned fishes, sardines, tuna, in olive oil, nature, mackerel in escabeche, salmon, lobster, octopus, squid, mussels, Saint-Jacques, abalone, anchovy, bar, herring, monkfish, cod, mullet, seaweed, sprats and terrine or rillettes, soups and fish cooked dishes.


Tinned fish for gourmet, in olive oil extra virgin, the best recipes of Sardines Pirates, and rillettes.
Tinned tuna, naturel, ready meal or in olive oil, rillettes. The best recipes of tuna on Sardines Pirates.
Tined mackerel, in olive oil, with mustard, rillettes.
Tinned salmon, natural, rillettes.
Terrines and rillettes Crustacean, soup.
Cephalopods and molluscs
Tinned octopus, squid, mussel etc…, in jar, natural, in olive oil, rillettes.
Tinned anchovies, olive oil.
Sea bass
Sea bass rillettes.
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Sardines in olive oil without salt, in reduced sodium, 115g. "La quiberonnaise"

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Sardines filets with churned butter to fry, 105 g. "La Compagnie Bretonne du Poisson"

Showing 55 to 81 of 90 items