Lobster Rillettes with Kari Gosse


Lobster Rillettes with Kari Gosse 100g.

Cooked from Blue Lobster (Brittany Lobster), considered the finest shellfish, discover the luscious and refined meat of the Lobster (30.5%) through this recipe that will delight gourmets. Raised at Kari Gosse, a well-known spice blend of gourmets, find in the mouth the delicate and delicate taste of lobster.

Produced in Brittany. Groix et Nature. France.

Lobster * (30.5%), liquid cream, place *,
Scallops **, shallots,
carrots, butter, wheat flour, protein
milk and lactose, salt, parsley, garlic, kari kid
(0.05%) (ginger, turmeric, clove,
pepper, cinnamon, pepper). * Atlantic origin
Northeast. ** Chlamys opercularis, origin
North East Atlantic.
Traces of celery, mustard.

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