Vintage Sardines 2017 Mademoiselle Pearl


Sardines in olive oil "Mademoiselle Perle", 2017 vintage, 115 g. These sardines are fished off Saint Gilles Croix-de-Vie (Vendée), worked fresh, prepared with old way and hand. Limited series, pictured after a painting by Delphine Cossais.

La perle des Dieux, France.

Do not hesitate to let them age, they improve with time.


4 to 6 extra fresh sardines from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, selected extra class, prepared with the old way, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Energy and nutritional values for 100g of drained product:
Energy: 982 kJ / 236 kcal - Fat: 15,5g including saturated fatty acids: 3,9g - Carbohydrates: 0,7g of which sugars: 0,2g - Proteins: 23,3g - Salt: 0,3g

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